How to Add IDM Extension in Chrome in windows 10 2021-- A Complete Guide

How to Add IDM Extension in Chrome

What is Internet Download Manager (IDM)?

Internet download manager, or IDM as many of us call it, has been around for a long time. It is one of the best download managers for Windows operating system users that is available out there. 

The default download managers of browsers like Google ChromeFirefoxMicrosoft Edge, etc. don't provide you the maximum possible download speed due to reasons like the lack of multiple download bands, connection restrictions, and so on.

On the other hand, Internet download Manager can accelerate the slow downloading speeds by providing the maximum possible download speed, up-to 5 times, on your Internet. Internet download manager also lets you resume downloads if downloads are interrupted or you intentionally stopped them. 

Google Chrome can transfer downloads to IDM directly, without the need to open Internet download manager manually, with the help of what's called IDM Integration module extension or IDM Chrome Extension

In this article, we will walk you through the methods that help you add IDM extension in Chrome by installing from IDM integration module chrome web store.

Let us get Started.

What is IDM Integration Module Extension?

IDM Integration Module Extension is a IDM Extension for Chrome that directly transfer downloads from Google Chrome to Internet Download Manager for any files or entire webpages. IDM Google Chrome extension can let you download videos from several video hosting websites such as YouTubeVimeoWistiaBrightcove as well.

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How to Add Chrome to "Capture Downloads from the following Browsers" List

Before you move into the methods to add IDM extension in Chrome, make sure to check the settings of IDM to ensure that Chrome is on the list of "Capture Downloads from the following Browsers" setting in IDM. IDM will not capture downloads from Chrome if it is not on "Capture Downloads from the following Browsers" list. Follow the steps shown below to check:

1.      Open IDM.

2.     Head to Options and click General Tab. Check list of browsers with which the IDM integration module is enabled in Capture downloads from the following browsers field.

IDM integration module

3.      If you cannot find Google Chrome on the list for any reason whatsoever, click on Add Browser and locate Google Chrome executable file to integrate it with the web browser.

Do not forget to tick the box which says Use advanced browser integration. If IDM is not also capturing downloads in other browsers such as Safari, Firefox, etc., this method will help you enable IDM integration module for them as well.

How to Add IDM Extension in Chrome?

Method 1: Automatic Installation of IDM extension 

When you first install IDM, version 6.33 or latest versions, a pop-up notification is shown in Google chrome that informs you IDM Integration module chrome for Google chrome is automatically added. Hence, you need to make sure your IDM is up-to date by following the steps shown below:

1.      Open IDM.

2.     Then, click on Help tab.

3.     Finally, click on Check for Updates.

Checking IDM Update

If the IDM version you are using is not up to date, IDM will immediately start downloading the latest version of IDM from the official website. After updating IDM to version 6.33 or later, IDM will automatically install IDM integration module Chrome in chrome web browser. 

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Method 2: Manual Extension Installation IDM integration module chrome web store

Sometimes, IDM extension for chrome may not automatically get installed in Google Chrome because of either of the following error messages:

·        Not from Google Chrome Web Store. This extension violates the Chrome Web Store Policy.

·        Suspicious extensions disabled. To make Chrome safer, we disabled some extensions that are not listed in the Chrome Web Store and may have been added without your knowledge.

·       Google has flagged IDM Integration as malicious and installation has been prevented.

If you are facing one of the above error messages, you need to add the IDM Integration Module extension in Google Chrome manually following the steps shown below:

1.      Go to the Google Chrome Web Store page to install IDM Integration Module Extension in Chrome.

2.     Click on Add to Chrome, a permission pop-up will appear just below the address bar.    

IDM Integration Module

3.      Finally, click on Add Extension to add IDM extension in Chrome.

add IDM extension in Chrome

An icon will appear in the taskbar of the browser. You have successfully installed IDM integration module extension on Google Chrome web browser.

Method 3: Manually add IDM Integration Module extension in Chrome

There is a chance that IDM Integration Module extension chrome web store Installation may fail for some reason. In such cases, dragging and dropping IDM extension into the Google Chrome browser to install it manually is the best option. Follow the steps shown below to Manually add IDM Integration Module extension in Chrome:

1.      Open the Google Chrome extension page by copy - pasting chrome://extensions/ in Google Chrome’s address bar. Alternatively, you can reach from Menu ==> Tools ==> Extensions as shown below.

2.      Then, Go to the installation folder where you installed Internet Download Manager, which is generally C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager unless and otherwise you installed in other location.

IDMGCExt.crx and IDMGCExt59.crx Directory

3.      Find the file name IDMGCExt.crx and drag it to the Extensions Tab(chrome://extensions/) in Google Chrome. A warning may appear with a message “Extensions, apps, and themes can harm your computer. Are you sure you want to continue?” Click on Continue and a prompt to install the module will pop-up on the screen.

Common Errors in Manually adding IDM Integration Module extension in Chrome

Sometimes the following error messages may pop up when you try to install IDM Integration module extension in Chrome by dragging and dropping IDM Integration Module extension into the extension page i.e., chrome://extensions/

·        Not from Chrome Webstore. This extension violates the Chrome Web Store Policy.

·        Apps, Extensions, and scripts cannot be added from this website.

How to fix “Apps, Extensions and scripts cannot be added from this website” error

"Apps, Extensions and scripts cannot be added from this website" error may occur while adding IDM extension to Google Chrome.

1.      Enable Developer mode from the Extensions page. It is situated on the top right corner of the page.

idm extension

2.     Enable it when the above error appears and disable it later on when you are done adding extensions. Close the Extensions Tab and open it again. It should install IDM integration module extension in Chrome without any problem.

If the errors continue to show up, try the following three fixes for installing IDM integration module without any problem:

·       Enable Developer Mode in the Extensions tab. It will give you overall control over the web browser, allowing you to install extensions blocked by Google Chrome. However, you should use the developer option wisely to avoid the risk of adding malware and virus to your browser.

·       Switch to Canary channels for developers.

·       Switch to Google Chromium, an open-source version of Google Chrome which has all the beta features of Google Chrome and much more.

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How to Enable Incognito mode of IDM Integration Module Extension

People use the Incognito mode of Google chrome for various purposes. If you need to download files in Incognito mode through IDM, you should first enable IDM for Incognito mode with the following steps.

1.      Right-click on the IDM icon on the taskbar of Chrome and then, click on Manage Extensions. A new tab will be opened with settings for IDM Integration Module extension.

Manage Extensions in IDM

2.      Click on the button that reads Allow in Incognito so that it will be turned on. 

How to fix “IDM integration module cannot contact IDM application” Error

After you installed Internet Download Manager, an occasional error message “IDM integration module cannot contact IDM application” shows up when you try to download files for the first time which causes IDM not to catch download links as expected. 

The solution is to enable Allow access to file URLs in Manage extensions page. It gives permission for the IDM extension to read, access, and write on your computer. These permissions are normally safe for extensions installed from the Chrome web store. 

How to Stop IDM from Downloading Specific Files?

Sometimes the files you are interested to download may be too small that you need to access them right away from the download bar at the bottom of the chrome page. In such situations, special shortcut keys can be set to force IDM not to download these small files.

1.     Open IDM.

2.     Go to Options and click on the General tab.

3.     At the bottom the General tab, click on Keys option and Using Special Key window will be opened.

Special Key window for IDM

4.      Select the keys by ticking from the keyboard key option provided: ShiftDelCtrl, and Alt. You can choose one or more keys that are easy for you to remember while trying to download a file on Google Chrome.

5.     Finally, click OK to save changes.

Next time when you are downloading a file, keep the Special Keys you chose pressed while you are clicking on the download link so that IDM is doesn't download the files. If the download is started in Google Chrome, you can release the keys.

How to Add Files Types in IDM

Even though the IDM extension module is enabled in Chrome, IDM will not capture downloads whenever you are using IDM on it. IDM has a list of file types which it will capture downloads directly from Google Chrome whenever it is called for.

That means, unless the File Type of the file you want to download is not on the list of files types IDM has been set, you will not be able to download any file with that particular file type. 

The following are the steps you should follow to add Files Types in IDM

1.      Open IDM.

2.     Go to Options and click on Files Types tab.

3.      Check if the file type of the file you wish to download is there. If not, add the file type name by leaving a space before the last file type name. This will solve the issue of IDM not catching downloads from any web browser.


Final Verdict 

After properly following the methods and procedures mentioned in this article, you will be able to add chrome IDM extension or add idm integration module chrome web store and download Files on the internet very fast.


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